-----A letter from one of my young student's mom. Reprinted with her permission.

My son is so looking forward to golf lessons again. I've never seen a little boy love anything so much in my life as he does golf. He even practices his putting in the house every day. My husband and I bought him his own golf clubs for his birthday in December and one would think we had bought him a car. He was and still is thrilled. Our family visited Florida in January and my husband took him to a course where he practiced his chipping, putting and driving. I know very little about the game myself but I did observe my son chip over a sand trap and onto the green. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the warmer weather in Florida and we will anxiously await the golf lessons. Thanks for such a wonderful letter. Bill Allen

------I know my son is excited about golf this year and I described the 3-day program to him and he is so ready for this program. Thanks for offering this program.

------Jeffrey has been taking lessons at North Hill Golf Course for four years under the direction of Bill Allen. Bill is well organized, a great teacher and the kids just love him. Jeffrey enjoys playing golf but most importantly has learned how to play thanks to Bill and his staff.

------Tucker and Taylor really love golf thanks to your programs.

------Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the golf lessons for the boys. It can't be easy dealing with mother nature! Jen Bardsley

------Just a little note to thank you for all the wonderful teaching you do. We've seen a big improvement in our son's skill since he started with you and know that with more focus on our part next spring and summer he'll improve further. Most importantly, he still has such enthusiasm for the game and desire to learn more.

------Thanks for letting Jay use the golf clubs and for everything you did for him this fall. He so enjoyed you and your program and I'm sure he'll be back in the spring./ Enjoy your warm winter, and thanks again for everything. Heidi Salerno

------Thank you, Bill. SNAG was fun for the kids. They enjoyed it. Thanks for all you do. You are a sensational golf Pro and have the best "children's" programs around. Keep up the great work. Kathy Joyce

-------My boys love golf. Thank you for being such a great instructor. They have really learned so much in the few weeks that they have taken lessons from you. Thank you and see you in the Fall. Paulina McDonald

Email reprinted with permission of the author:

Dear Bill:

Do you remember me? I set up my son, Alex, with three friends for group lessons with you when he was seven years old and you were the new golf pro at SSCC. I heard today from my friend, Beth Healey, that the contract with Johnson Golf Management and thus, you, has not been renewed at SSCC. I don't know (or want to know) anything about the politics involved with that situation. What I would like to do is update you on the status of the boys that were in that group of lessons eight years ago. Alex Jenkins, Matt Bridgeman and Matt Campbell are all on the Hingham High School team as sophomores. Matt Healey attends Thayer, and although he isn't on the golf team there, he is still a fixture at our home, and at SSCC, playing with these boys.

Ok, I'll admit that I'm going to take a minute to divert and brag about my son. Alex is now 15. He still plays left-handed and logs a legitimate 9 handicap at SSCC. He scored 38 on the front 9 at SSCC during tryouts for the Hingham High School golf team, beating both captains. He is competing in NEPGA tournaments and doing well. Just wait, until he's a senior.

Alex, (and I'm sure, countless others), learned to play golf from you, and have gone on to enjoy a game that they will play for the rest of their lives. All those years ago, you told me what you wanted to do was show people how to enjoy the game of golf. Thank you Bill, you have exceeded your goal. We wish you, and your family all the best.


Mary and Mike Jenkins

Email reprinted with permission of the author

Hey Bill:

I know I have already praised you and your programs but after that email I feel I have to do it again. Chris so enjoyed the three-day camp...he sees the benefits every Wednesday in the current fall program. After every class, he always tells me how grateful he is that he was able to participate in the camp. How much of a difference it has made for his love of the game and really knowing how to play!

It is a wonderful program...SSCC is completely foolish and blind to let you go...but we will see you in Duxbury next summer, Chris can't wait to go to the camp again and I know his friend Jake Foss wants to experience it too...he couldn't help but want to after Chris' infectious excitement for the program.

Thank you ever so much. Jonas, too, of course always loves your programs and he will be there again next summer as well. He can't wait until he is old enough for the camps. We'll see you Wednesday...and a special thanks for letting Jonas go into the 3:15 class, it really helps me out tremendously.

With regards,

Hi Bill,

Unfortunately, I just learned this morning, our Fall schedule is too hectic with Soccer practices . . . they start Tuesday @ 5pm and alternate Monday/Tuesday nights from then on through November. So, reluctantly and sadly Colby won't be able to participate in the Fall Session.

Please keep us updated on your Spring program — Colby's already asking me when he'll see you again for Golf (his "favorite sport!"). We enjoyed it so much this year, that I plan to be in all sessions next year.

Thank you . . . thank you again for making Colby's first Golf experience so much FUN!!

We'll miss you during our COLD WINTER MONTHS here in New England, while you're catching warm rays of sun down in Florida! Just be sure to come back!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Nicole & Colby Chryssicas

Hi Bill,
I am not sure if you remember me but my son, Jack, was one of your students at South Shore about 100 years ago. Well, his love of golf was just beginning back then and he has played MANY rounds since and also enjoyed success in many tournaments, his highlight was his hole in one at Widows Walk two weeks before his 14th birthday last summer! He started off his high school career this year as a ninth grader at Cohasset HIgh School and made the varsity golf team, although most of the matches were played by the seniors he loved being on the team and did very well when they played Harwich at Strawberry Valley.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for instilling in him all the fundamentals of the game and the gentlemanly way in which golfers conduct themselves, I believe that it will serve him well!
Thanks again,

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to thank you for letting Drew borrow your clubs until he gets his own. You do such a great job with the kids and that is a big part of why Drew wants to continue to learn to play and we are thrilled about that. It takes a special kind of person to have the patience to teach kids. I'm glad Drew can still practice at home with real clubs and so is he. We look forward to the next session we can get into.

Take care,